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Hi, Hello! Hola! I'm Daniela.

I love to travel, explore and see the world. I believe life can be an adventure, you just have to be willing to seize the moment.

I love being outdoors. My favorite time of the year is winter. It's a cozy time to be curled up on the couch next to the fireplace, roasting marshmallows, or even sipping on hot cocoa. I feel like the winter season has a way of just soothing the soul. 

I am a wife to my best friend, I have seriously known this guy since we were 10 years old. Ironically enough, we didn't come into each other lives until we were 18. We have spent 11 amazing years together & I can't wait to see what forever has for us.


I have two energetic toddlers. En-er-ge-tic! We spend most of our days singing, dancing, crafting and playing outside. Needless to say, they keep me pretty busy on my down time from photography. I am so proud of them and even though I don't want to see them grow up so fast, I can't wait to see their accomplishments as they do grow older. 

I am bilingual, so if you're getting married at any Spanish speaking island,

with your toes in the sand and palm trees by your side, i've got you covered!


My Photography Story

My camera and I....well, we just kind of fell in love capturing stories in the most unique ways and the rest is history. 

 I'm a Florida based Family, Lifestyle, and Wedding Photographer.

Although I am based in the Tampa Bay area I am able to travel to meet your needs. I have no issues driving to any destination, or hopping on an airplane to come to you. You have a story to tell and I want to capture it.

I believe every person has a story to tell. 

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